Bulk Emailing

Mass email marketing is the best way to avoid the high cost of printing and postal cost of traditional direct mail ( better known as "snail mail" ) and it is more effective. A mass emailing campaign will often turn a profit even if the entire mass email list campaign produces only 1 percent response rate.

IT Worx, a mass email service company, can provide a full service mass emailing campaign to mass emailing software and server. Whether you are looking for a trusted and reliable mass emailing company to fast delivery of your mass bulk email campaign, IT Worx is the answer for your email blasting needs. From our exclusive online mass emailing software to our dedicated mass emailing servers solution, Expedite email marketing .com can be your solution provider in your mass emailing needs.

From email message creation to full mass emailing delivery of your email blasting campaign, IT Worx, has the experience and expertise to give your email blast campaign the best support in the industry.

Business that can benefit from our mass email service:

  • service business
  • product distributors
  • coupon or discount notices
  • newsletters

Mass emailing can be used for:

  • acquire new customers
  • sell more products to existing customers via mass email
  • create affinity programs
  • announce new products, services and pricing via mass emailing

Whether your mass email campaign call for 5,000 to 10,000,000,000 mass email list delivery, IT Worx email marketing has the network and bandwidth to support your direct mass emailing efforts. With full real time reporting of email message views, click throughs and unsubscribe list management, IT Worx is your one stop solution for you mass emailing needs.