Cloud Server

Point. Click. Deploy.

Deploying a cloud server is easy. Simply select a server image and a server size (based on RAM) and you'll be up and running in minutes. Our server images use standard Windows or Linux Operating Systems with full root/administrator access, giving you the freedom to configure your server however you'd like.

Select a Data Center Choose a data center you would like to deploy your cloud server to distribute your network presence.

Choose a Server ImageChoose the base server image (base operating system and software) you would like to use. Once deployed you can configure your server any way you'd like.

Select a Server SizeOur server sizes are based on RAM allocations. 5 different sizes are available to meet your needs.

Base Cloud Server Images

IT Worx provides and maintains a variety of base Windows and Linux server images to help get you up and running quickly. These images are standard installs of Windows and Linux distributions and give you full root/administrator access allowing you to configure them as you need to.

Custom Cloud Server Images

Need to create a custom, reusable server image? No problem—we make that easy too.

Partner Cloud Server Images

IT Worx has partnered with dozens of companies to provide you with a full suite of server images created and mainted by our partner community. Some of our partner server images come prebundled with popular software and applications, others provide development and testing solutions, or disaster recovery and backup solutions, or cloud management solutions, and some provide solutions for cloud server security & monitoring.

Vertical RAM Scaling

IT Worx provides fast and easy Cloud Server scaling. Just point and click and you can dynamically scale your Cloud Server's RAM, on-demand. Whether you've outgrown your current Cloud Server or you experience a traffic spike, a faster more robust Cloud Server is two clicks away. If your resource demand slows, downgrading your Cloud Server's RAM is equally simple.

Cloud Server Sizes

CPU (cores)** RAM (GB) Storage Space (GB)
0.5 0.5 25
1 1 50
2 2 100
4 4 200
8 8 400
16 16 800

* Windows Cloud Servers deployed with 16 GB RAM are assigned 8 cores, Linux cloud servers with 16 GB of RAM have 16 cores
** Your CPU allocation will vary depending on the profile of the physical node on which your cloud server resides.