Cloud Storage

Mountable Storage for Your Cloud Hosting Infrastructure


  • Supports SCP, FTP, SAMBA/CIFS, & RSYNC
  • Store up to 10GB/mo at no cost
  • Infinitely scalable
  • Free data transfer to/from cloud servers

IT Worx Cloud Storage is an instantly scalable and reliable file-level backup service for Windows and Linux cloud servers running in the cloud. Windows and Linux cloud servers mount the storage volume via a secure private network and use common transfer protocols to move data to and from the Cloud Storage device. Storage allotments scale on-the-fly and you pay only for what you use, allowing you to keep costs under control and minimal.

If you have a large data set that you want to get into Cloud Storage, transfer your data to an external hard drive and mail it to IT Worx. When IT Worx receives the external hard drive, the data will be manually transferred to your Cloud Storage allotment.

Key Features

  • 10 GB FREE Cloud Storage
  • Cost effective: only $0.15/GB month
  • FREE data transfer to and from your cloud servers to Cloud Storage
  • GB/month price model—only pay for what you need
  • File level backup—backup mission-critical files
  • Servers access Cloud Storage using familiar transfer protocols such as SCP, FTP, SAMBA/CIFS, and RSYNC
  • Windows and Linux servers can share the same storage quota
  • On-the-fly provisioning—instantly scalable
  • Storage utilization graphs available in the user interface